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3D Printed Gears of War Clock

A 32x speed video of a 3D printed Gears of War Clock
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Get to Know Me

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Talk Nerdy to Me

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My stitching hobby

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Theme from Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

Always thought of this as the best Star Trek Series. IMHO. Love the theme song too. Probably the best one as well. Again. IMHO.
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Sonata Pathetique Theme

Not the coolest version of the song. It is the beginner version. Someday I hope to play the full on version. Much more difficult though.
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I really can play the trumpet!

All of Me, played over a backing track.
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Local news about me and my haunt

Hellview Cemetery, the charity haunt I run and a big bit about me and my daughters.
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A slide show of the 82nd Airborne Div.
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First Day Of My Life - Bright Eyes Cover