The Guardian Arc-Spectre

The Guardian Arc-Spectre

Not average, No BS, No mind games, Nothing to hide.

Gender: Male
Looking For: Female
Age: 30
San Antonio, TX
Ethnicity: Other
Level of education: Some College
Relationship Status: Single
Have Children: No
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My Description:

College student and good work ethics. Big dreams and focused on college

I work full time and go to college part time. (Its possible, trust me.)
I am no stranger to sacrifice
I focus on the more important things in life (not materialistic)
I am crazy and random (in a fun way)
I graduated high school while in the National Honor Society
In college to become a physical therapist or sports med.
I do wear glasses but when I take pictures I don't wear them
I love the color Black I wear it when I workout, nice places like suits, sleep and casual.
I like to workout and lift weights (I am a medium build, but I can put the weights down in exchange for a game controller or just sit down and watch a movie)
I like Army MAC
I like to play video games sometimes
Im the kind of guy that likes to drive fast or jump out of planes
I like different kinds of music (mainly Rock, Metal, and Techno)
I like Cars
I like to read
I like Mechanics
I like to expand my mind and see what is beyond what we know and see
I like to educate myself
I love art
I believe in a faith but I don't put persecute others (not religious either)
I'm open to what you have to or feel like saying
I plan to get tattoos that I earn
I like different kinds of women
I don't play mind games or BS (why lie when one day you will find out the truth)
Just get to know me, ask tons of questions

(The following was taken from a self assessment for a college class. Results are not 100% accurate.)

I. Result of Multiple Intelligence Ex. 3.2 ( include numbers):
Verbal/Linguistic – 4
Visual/Spatial – 2
Mathematical/Logical - 3
Interpersonal – 3
Intrapersonal – 5
Kinesthetic – 5
Musical – 4
Naturalistic – 3

Which is your strongest intelligence?
TIED! Kinesthetic and Intrapersonal

II. VARK results from the book EX. 3.3
(Include numbers):
Visual - 2
Aural - 6
Read/Write - 5
Kinesthetic - 3

VARK results from the online assessment (include numbers):
Visual - 2
Aural - 6
Read/Write - 5
Kinesthetic – 3

Which is your strongest learning style?

III. Personality Assessment (online – include percentages):
E - 11%
S – 12%
T – 1%
J – 11%

In what ways does your personality type affect your learning?

I thrive off of order and continuity. When it comes to other people, I tend to connect better to those who have the same interest in my areas with tactically based agendas, dictated by tradition handed down by higher authorities. Likewise with family around weddings, funerals, and reunions.

Tradition is important, like birthdays and annual celebrations are observed religiously. Inclined to seek roots of ancestors respectively for a sense of security and belonging. Love to provide and receive good service, in which enhances self-image.

Acute sense of orthodoxy, evaluating others and activities reflect of what is normal and what is not. Humor is found more in what is off center and abnormal. Promoting work ethic, power, position, and prestige which all should be earned and not given. Laziness is rare and viewed with neither ambivalence nor benevolence by this type.

Outspoken with principles which are always expressed, not afraid to stand up for what they believe in and willing to face odds and make tough calls.

Occupations of interest are:
Political Office
Management of all sorts

My Match Description:

I want to know her heart, your style of dress comes second and your body is second, I dont care if shes chubby, slim, athletic, or even muscular. Its all about the heart to me. The heart brings the true beauty in women. A girl may be hot but does she have heart? Looks doesnt mean one has a good heart or that they are honest to another. I like a girl whos open minded and not judgemental about ones past. I want a girl that can accept a guy like me that can help with the cooking, wash dishes, clean clothes, be there when shes sick, and protection when she calls out my name. I know it sounds like a lie or to good to be true, but hey thats why I said im not average. Also a girl can have opposites that I like. I also admire strong women, either physically, spiritually, or emotionally.

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