Asian Computer Science Major, Gamer, & Star Wars Fanatic! ^_^

Gender: Male
Looking For: Female
Age: 29
Belton, TX
Ethnicity: Inter-racial
Level of education:
Relationship Status: Single
Have Children: No
Religion: Agnostic
Political: Conservative
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My Description:

I'm currently a sophomore studying computer science. I work part time and love technology. I'm a geek but that doesn't stop me from getting out and traveling whenever I can.

In my free time I like to play guitar, game, hike, and hang out with my amigos. Overall I'm a strongly independent guy who tries his best to make everyone happy.

I am clearly NOT a country boy! I played on the tennis team and was in the varsity and show choirs in high school. My idea of fun is NOT purposely wrecking my car through mud, nightclubbing, or getting drunk off my ass. MY idea of a great day consists of having one or a few great friends and being spontaneous! Whether if that's seeing a concert in Austin, having a campfire and roasting marsh mellows, enjoying a day on the lake, or simply grabbing some movies and games and having a day to ourselves to relax.

My Match Description:

All in all, I'm looking for someone who is fun and is open to the idea of being more than friends. I always try to have a good time and am willing to try new things.

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