Success Stories

I joined gk2gk roughly a year ago on the spur of the moment. I wasn't really expecting too much, especially since I couldn't find many New Zealanders on the site and I was very against long distance relationships. However, I thought I may as well message someone on the off chance I could find someone to at least play games with. And then I met April. After messaging each other a lot on the site we got each others contact details and got to know each other a lot better outside of the site. I started falling for her pretty hard, but when we both expressed our feelings for each other I was still hesitant. She lives in America and I live in New Zealand. I was unsure if I would be able to be in a relationship with someone so far away. There was something different about April though and I knew I had to at least give the relationship a try. It's been 8 months now and in May of this year I traveled to America to spend three weeks with her and it was the best decision I've ever made. We're now planning for me to move to America with her next year. Through this site I found someone I want to spend the rest of my life with so thank you very much, I couldn't be happier :)

Subject: 2 Geeks Planning a Wedding

Comment: I just wanted to write and say a big Thank You to Geek2Geek. Two years ago I received a message from another member here on the site, and now we are recently engaged and planning our wedding for next year.

I have been on other dating websites without success, and met someone here that really did have similar interests, hobbies, and goals that connected with mine. We tell everyone how we met, and recommend your site to all of our single, geeky friends.

Thanks you again, Geek2Geek- you really have changed my life!

Lisa C.

How we met on Geek 2 Geek.

Her Version

As I write this, the battle sounds of Terran Marines ambushing the Zerg trickle in from the next room — my boyfriend is hard at work vying for galactic dominance in the newly released StarCraft II.  As a museum–going history nerd who can go days without turning on my TV or PC, it is minor miracle that I know StarCraft II exists, much less that I can name alien species.

It's safe to say that I never thought I would fall in love with a gamer.

And I really never thought I would meet him on an online matchmaking site for geeks.

His Version

I am a geek. I needed a geek girl. So began my journey into the great blender known as online dating in hopes of finding love among the puree’d virtual masses.

Like many self-conscious quote-unquote nice-guy geeks like me, my interests consisted of musical theater, sketch comedy, video games, JavaScript (with capital Js and Ss, mind you), good grammar, and The Simpsons seasons 3-7. These bring with them some rather "quirky" (i.e. awesome) personality traits, so by going the online route I’d hoped to increase the speed at which I could pinpoint the women who found these things "interesting" rather than merely "weird." Oh and hey look! There’s a geek-centric dating site called! Now I’ve got the familiar power of the internet on my side and a throng of eligible geek bachelorettes is just a few clicks away! This will totally work.

Subject: One in a million odds.

Comment: Greetings! My boyfriend and I met through Geek to Geek back in July. I am originally from New England, but over time and through twists of fate I ended up in Arizona. My boyfriend, David, was from California and moved to Arizona for work. Both of us were feeling let down, hopeless, and unloved. He had just finalized a divorce and was working 60-70 hour weeks. I was a single mom, who was struggling to stay in college, while working full time. We glanced at each others profiles once or twice, then I decided to spring for a membership, his profile popped up again. After reading it, I realized we had so much in common, in every way. we started talking and then in a leap of faith, I said, "How about I come to see you at your restaurant after you get out of work?" He agreed and we haven't looked back since. We lived more than a hundred miles apart, but we are staying together. He said, "I would never look at someone's profile who had kids, usually, but this just felt right." He had never thought he would or could be a good father, but my daughter adores him... And my step-dogs love me. We have learned that there are still people in this world that are willing to sacrifice what they want for the good of others. We care enough about each other to see this through. We will mail you a copy of our wedding invitation in a year or two.

Thank you again so much!


My now husband said I popped up in his "matches" screen as one of his top three, three times before he decided to talk to me, but the computer was persistent and eventually he sent me a long message asking me all about me and my interest. After taking a few days and Mark's hopes of talking to me waning I finally responded and we immediately hit it off. We went on our first date about a week of talking.

About ten months in Mark started dropping little hits and jokingly asking if we should get married. I would just laugh it off or make a joke. Finally one time I said "yes" and called his bluff. But it was no bluff two weeks later he was on his knee with a ring and six weeks after that I was in a white dress. We have been happily married for 2 months now and it all started on

Subject: Yay!

Comment: About 3 years ago my wife and I met through Geek 2 Geek. Obviously, we got married. Just wanted to show you the wedding pictures from our awesomely geeky wedding.

Hello! I contacted you a few months back letting you know how thankful we were to have used this site! We were supposed to be married in Hawaii but instead had a gothic type wedding here at home. We even in our vows, made sure to let all 120 guests know that we met on a website dedicated to geekery! The whole process of meeting and talking was the easiest and best decision we ever made. I saw his profile, we started talking and a year and 6 months later, boom! we're married! I tell everyone about your site in hopes that they will have as much luck as we have. I would love to be featured on the web page to help other nerdy singles out there feel that they can become as wonderfully successful as us. Honestly, I still can't thank you enough!!! :)

The only other thing I can remember that was super convenient was I met him on the Featured Members page. I was lonely, bored and searching and the blue hair caught my eye so I just sent him a 'hello' . He was a gold member so I was able to talk to him right away! It pays to have the membership.

Here are a couple of pictures from the wedding.

I wanted to write you all and thank you for your great website! About one year ago, I was feeling pretty blue and decided to try a dating website. I didn't think I would really find anyone, but lo and behold I met a wonderful man named Joe. We chatted for a few weeks first, and then I finally got up the nerve to meet him in person. He is such a sweet, loving man. We clicked instantly, and we haven't been apart since. Almost one year later, we are engaged to be married. We are getting married in October on our one year anniversary. I love him so much, and I have him thanks to geek 2 geek.


Subject: Thank you!

I can't thank you enough for this web site. As a super-brainy girl in the mid-west, I was having trouble meeting a guy who wasn't intimidated. Plus there was always the worry about when to reveal my geeky side - what would he think? Well thanks to your web site I knew immediately my brains and my geeky side would be accepted, even celebrated, by anyone I met here. I was right - the first guy I chose to contact is the one for me. We are perfect for each other, with plenty in common and plenty of geeky interests to introduce to each other. I don't know if I would have found him without your web site - maybe, but this site made it easy! One of your ads on Syfy hooked me (watching ST TNG), an ad on a Magic the Gathering web site piqued his interest, and now we are happier than either of us had hoped we'd be. Yay geeks! You guys rock!


Subject: So Happy!

Comment: I can't express to you how happy I have been since I met the man I found on this web site. Well, really, he found me, he messaged me first, but I think in the end, really we found each other.

I've never been on a site where I saw anyone with the same interests as me, let alone a whole bunch of people. Then the one guy who fit me perfectly, who I fit perfectly, sent me an e-mail and it was all over.

We have been deeply connected to each other since the first time we talked on instant messenger. We met in person within a week of our first live contact because we just couldn't wait any longer. We fell in love in about a month and have been insanely happy ever since. We know we will be spending the rest of our lives together.

I've never met anyone I connect with so well, and every day we learn things that bring us closer. Thank you geek 2 geek. This site is amazing.

Subject: Successful Match!

Comment: Hi,

I just got a "We Miss You Email" from gk2gk, and I wanted to drop you a line and tell you how helpful you were in helping me meet my match.

I have to admit, when I saw your ad on slashdot in May of 2008, I followed the link mostly out of a sense of morbid curiosity. The last thing I expected to find was an actual date... or even a life partner. But I did...

I browsed around the site for a while, looking at the local matches, and quickly came across the profile for DocWeems, a nearby librarian w/ a PhD in Neuroscience. Reading her profile, I was fascinated, but I had recently decided that I wasn't going to be dating anyone for a while. (I was at the tail end of a divorce.) So, I browsed away and went to other sites.

But her profile was exactly the kind of person I've always been looking for... and I found myself at her profile again the next day. And the next. And finally on the fourth day of looking at her profile, I decided that even though I had sworn I wouldn't date for another 6 months, I was always regret it if I didn't at least contact her.

So I did. We exchanged emails for a few days...each email more engaging than the last. And I ended up asking her to go see the new Star Trek movie on 5/9.

The date was wonderful, she was as interesting as her profiles and emails lead me to believe... and the good night kiss left me breathless. I emailed her the next morning, and we arranged our second date right there and then.

Since then things have only gotten better and better. We purchased a house and moved in together in June. And in August, I popped the question in a suitably geeky style which I've written about here:

We both whole heartedly endorse your site, and occasionally will look at each other smile and say "Yay Geek2Geek!"

Thank you so much!
Rob Knapp

Subject: Thanks!

Comment: Hi guys! I just wanted to sincerely thank you for your great services.

I have tried handfuls of online dating sites over the years and just couldn't stand them. Either the site itself was terrible, the matching was terrible, the people were terrible (most frequently, in my opinion) or I just couldn't "click" fully with the few decent people out there. For example, we might share a love of travel or dining out but they wouldn't be someone I could stay up all night playing WoW with. How am I going to say, "Hey honey, let's travel out to California this year for Blizzcon," or "Let's grab a case of Bawls and hit up that LAN party!" Equally, how am I supposed to take football season or fraternity parties?

Within a month of joining your site, I met my boyfriend. We dated long-distance (he was in Virginia, I was in Florida) for about 4 months before we became committed. Afterward, we traveled back and forth to see each other every 2 weeks for 4 months before I moved up to Virginia and we moved in together.

Just recently we moved back to Florida and are coming up on our year and a half together. We have plans to marry within the next few years.

We both think that Geek2Geek is the absolute best dating and matching (also great for friends!) service that either of us have ever seen. We recommend everyone to you and proudly tell all of our friends how we met.

Thanks so much!

Subject: Success hooray

Comment: I met my boyfriend Nathan (I think his username was scifigeek) here in July last year and we have now been together for over a year! We are moving in together next year and are so happy we found each other

Thank you for making it possible!

Subject: thank you

Comment: Hi,

I just received an email about returning to gk2gk. Fortunately, I won't be doing that.

I had the expectation last December that I might get a date or two from your website but things don't always go as planned.

I met William Brown on the gk2gk website and now find myself in a very happy, healthy relationship. Who would have guessed?

Many thanks. I hope you grow into one of the online dating giants.

Best Regards, Tara

Subject: Super Success

Comment: Just wanted to give you guys a big thanks. I met my fiance on Gk2Gk a year ago, and it's been great. We talked for a couple months and went on our first date last march (2010). I'm happy to say that now we're engaged to be married. I've never met someone as wonderful as my future wife, and I Have Gk2Gk to thank for it. You guys are wonderful!!!

Subject: Thanks, but all done!

Comment: Hello!

I received an email from you all yesterday asking if I wanted to renew my membership. Sadly, I'll have to turn this down. Not because I was at all dissatisfied with the service, but that the lovely girl I met two and a half years ago through your service will be getting married in March of next year. So you did good! Thanks much and best of luck to all of you!