Geek 2 Geek Website Survey

Real Geeks Don't Tweet


More than 1,000 Geek 2 Geek members participated in a survey to rate some of the most visited websites. The most surprising result was that Twitter, the popular social networking and microblogging site, was rated unfavorably by more than 3 out of 5 geeks who had an opinion about it. On a scale from 1 to 100, Twitter’s overall rating was a poor 38. By contrast, Facebook had an overall rating of 63, with more than 70% of geeks reporting a favorable opinion.

Many other sites were rated much more favorably. Two sites, Google and Wikipedia, tied for top honors with 96% favorable ratings and 88 overall. At the bottom of the list was AOL, with an 8% favorable and 14 overall rating.

The second most popular search engine, Microsoft’s Bing, was far down the list, with 33% having a favorable opinion and an overall rating of just 35.

The survey asked people to indicate their opinion (if they had one) of various popular sites. The choices were "highly favorable", "favorable", "unfavorable", and "highly unfavorable". Scoring was based on a scale giving 100 points to a "highly favorable" rating and 0 points to a "highly unfavorable" rating.

Here are the complete results:

Website Overall Rating Percent Favorable
Amazon 83 93
AOL 14 8
Bing 35 33
Craigslist 68 78
eBay 72 84
Facebook 63 71
Google 88 96
Imdb 87 97
LinkedIn 55 60
MSN 37 34
Netflix 83 90
PayPal 73 83
Twitter 39 39
Wikipedia 88 96
Yahoo! 55 60
YouTube 84 96