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Dear Geek Goddess:


I have been a little down on my geek-seeking luck.  While I have met a cast of weirdos, mean/bitter guys, overage virgins (not that there's **anything** wrong with that), and guys who don't write back, I am not meeting any real hard science geeks. Where are all the cool engineers and scientists?


I'm trying to be optimistic but... this sucks.


Don’t give up yet!  My guess is that the real hard science geeks are stuck in their labs, sadly, and probably could use a little encouragement to get out.  But that doesn’t really help you very much.


Is science your ONLY interest?  My guess is not.  That would make you boring, and while your letter is short, I got from the tone of it that you have a sense of humor – something that’s rare in a scientist, so good for you!  Maybe you should stop looking specifically for science geeks and concentrate on other attributes you’d like to have in common with a man.  It seems that your search is so specific you need to expand your criteria, kind of like when you don’t get any results on a search engine.  Think about everything that’s important to you in a potential mate, and change your "ands" to "ors".  You’ll never find a guy who is exactly like you, otherwise you’d never need to have anyone else in your life but yourself.


If you’re so set on having a science geek for yourself, there are forums on the web devoted to science, math, and the like.  Perhaps getting more involved in these areas will help you find the guy you’re looking for, or at least give you a start. 

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