Food and Drink

Random restaurant date

Search Yelp for restaurants in your area, close your eyes, roll your mouse & point at the screen. Just like the mystery band date, you never know how it’ll go — it could be a hidden treasure or a total health hazard, but that’s part of the fun, isn't it?!

Spice it Up.

Cooking can be fun and sexy. There are cooking classes for all levels available throughout the country. Check out the food section of your local paper to find area restaurants and community colleges that are offering up courses.

Have a Picnic.

One of the most romantic and soothing outings is a picnic by the lake or on the beach. This is invitingly enhanced when both people like the outdoors. If you're shopping for food and drink together, this will add to the adventure. If not, be sure you decide on what each of you will bring to eat.

Wine and Dine.

What's the difference between Shiraz and Syrah? A fun and easy way to find out is attending a wine tasting or by visiting a winery. This is ideal for a first encounter because it's both casual and informative, and yet, you're still able to talk to each other.

The wine industry is expanding. If you live in California, Washington or New York, there’s a well developed wine industry where wine tasting at the cellars or in town can be had for free. Always check in advance of departing because some places do charge for the samplings. There are even wine tasting classes, relatively inexpensive, where you learn how to distinguish between one wine maker’s product and another’s. This would be a great suggestion for a second or third date. If you like wine, this is worth considering so you can have some time together. It’ll give you something to laugh and learn about.

Have an extravagant brunch

Get dressed up & do breakfast properly. Make a big deal out of it, & include fabulous pancakes, decadent waffles, poached eggs & the best hollandaise. Boutique hotels often do a brilliant brunch, but a bit of searching on Yelp should set you on the right track. Thick white linen napkins first thing in the morning are a magnificent way to start the day — & then you can either go your separate ways, or take a walk.

Cheap eats.

Some of the best places in your city are listed as "Cheap eats".

Sugar high date

Go to a convenience store. Buy cheap, evil, sugary treats. Find somewhere to sit & glut yourselves on them. Then see what happens. Spontaneous dancing? A completely misguided shopping trip? Leapfrogging over small children?!

Ice-cream parlor

Get a really, really, really big sundae & split it. Bicker over toppings. Then, when you’re done, find somewhere to lie down & talk about how sick you feel. A bonding experience to be sure!

Have a five-course dinner… at different places

Have an appetizer at one place, soup somewhere else, a main here, a dessert there, & coffee at your favorite cafe.

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