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Create a video in which you read and answer the following question:

    I'm a young nerdy female who is tired of being alone. So I joined and that was a flub, mostly because I'm not the most attractive creature. Now mind you I'm not grotesque, but I'm not pretty or thin and that's why most of the guy on other sites are un-interested, and I'm cool with that. So I decided to try looking for a match among my own kind and I'm having no better luck. I just don't understand why it is that a breed such as us, who are so often judged by other can still bear to judge based on looks... 

    I guess what I'm getting at is: Why is it that even nerd guys focus solely on the supermodels posing with controllers they can't even handle? Why, when there are slightly less attractive women-Like me-just laying around waiting to give them all the attention and love and respect they deserve, do they continue to ignore the valuable resource we are?

The two best videos (one each from a guy and a gal) will be chosen. Each will receive $25. Then, periodically (about once a week) you will get another question to answer and receive another $25. 

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