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Advanced Search Help Page

The Advanced Search is a very powerful tool. It allows you to find people who meet the exact criteria you specify. For example, if you are seeking only people who are full-time employed and do not drink alcohol, check those boxes as requirements for your match. You can select multiple choices in each category, such as allowing social drinkers and occasional drinkers, but not regular or fiendish drinkers if you like. If you aren't concerned about your match's drinking habits, leave that category blank and all people will be included regardless of their usage. 

Please note that, while on the one hand, the more selective you are, the closer your match will come to meet your ideal. On the other hand, you will be creating a very small pool of matches. Also, the system may time-out if you make too many selections. You may need to go back and expand your pool by re-examining which of the criteria are the most important.